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For The Course Creator Who . . .


  • Hasn't seen the success, impact and money you imagined with your online course.

  • Did the work, bought the courses and now feel lied to and scammed because you haven't had the results you were promised

  • Have a great product that no one has ever seen or had the chance to buy because you haven't told anyone about it

  • Launched your product to crickets and now fear putting it out there again

  • Is about ready to throw in the towel on this whole course dealio



Tammy Alvarez

"Alisa's proven system helps you cater your marketing to the people you MUST get in front of, and saves you time, money, and frustration. When you are launching an online course an effective sales funnel is no longer a luxury, it's a MUST to stay top of mind to increase sales and retain clients."

Laura King

"Alisa is the kind of person that cares, truly cares about the success of her clients. She goes above and beyond to deliver. What was really special for me was the guidance and encouragement that Alisa provided during my first course launch. The results surpassed my expectations, but the real growth happened in my ability to see beyond this first course and where my business can go from here. Alisa is going to be sticking with me on this ride because she is imperative to my growth strategy!"


Wendy S Myers, CVJ

"I’ve run my training business for more than 20 years but I was working like a dog and I was exhausted. I needed to get more clients to buy more training. Alisa helped me clarify my brand message, gave my website an engaging approach, and helped me develop sales funnels. Alisa asked the right questions to help me focus on priorities and I now have a clear strategy on what I need to do to drive sales, and I’m already making more money with less work."


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